Logo Design, Custom web site creation, Specialty television production.
Photographic capabilities from a Master Photographer.
Consultations, when you require fresh ideas and a unique perspective.

Best known for producing ground-breaking, stylish creative that reaches consumers through today’s jungle of advertising clutter.
Leader in on-trend, innovative marketing.

We’re experts at translating the feeling of an experience into eye-catching visual imagery with compelling copy and calls to action: We love creative design, and we’re great at it.
Logo Design/Branding
Web Design
Executive Television Producer
Specialty Design
Reflecting your business concept through a strong business identity is a crucial step in creating a compelling business brand. Your business name and how you add emphasis to it through a slogan, tag line, logo and marketing design style are critical recognition factors for consumers, and they help to establish a foundation upon which to build your business image and subsequent marketing messages.
Custom Sites assist in developing continuity in your marketing by creating a “brand identity”— a consistent look and style for all things related to your business. A Custom Site is also appropriate when you are seeking a completely unique look designed to your specifications.
Photography for me represents a lifetime of post secondary degree education in visual arts and photography.

It represents years of studying and working with qualified instructors to learn not only the successful traditional approaches to lighting, exposure and creative aspects to the visual arts, but the latest in on-going technologies.

I pride myself on  working with clients to create the most exciting visual imagery possible.

This is what I enjoy.

If you are ready to create that special image, please give me a call.

Sometimes, there is confusion
so we look for someone to assist us
someone who will not snub our ideas
someone to help centralize our goals
and help us stand out from the crowd
We are here to help.    Paul Birnie is available for assignment anywhere in your world. Contact us for a consultation.